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Line Up Stars Premium Baseball Softball Scorebooks

Line Up Stars can help you manage, keep score and instruct your players. We create Standard, Premium and Deluxe Scorebooks / Score books.  Game Day Dug Out Charts and Line Up Planners as well as booklet style 30 game Line up planners.

Line Up Stars deluxe baseball softball dugout line up charts - dry erase

Line Up Stars premium baseball softball scorebooks & line up planners

Deluxe 30 Game Line Up Planner - Strategic Pre-Game Planner with Dry Erase Game Day Fielding & Position Planner Included.  The book includes 60 pages - 30 Line Up Planner pages and 30 Fielding and Position Assignment pages...  The templates support line up, fielding, and position assignment by player, by inning for each game.  The Line Up Planner pages include large batter line up planning rows and position planning by inning.  Odd/even inning headers are color coordinated to help you plan your team defense.

Title;  LINE UP STARS / Baseball and Softball Management Tools

Over 20 years of coaching experience has gone into developing the best scoring and planning tools money can buy!  EXCLUSIVE..Top Quality - Custom, Premium, Deluxe Scorebooks / Score books - with Dry Erase Fielding Planners, Game Day 11" x 17" Dug Out Charts / 5.5" x 8.5" 30 Game Line Up Planners include a Dry Erase Fielding, Position Assignment Planner.

Dugout Charts & Line Up Planners